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Whilst we are off school, it will really help you if you keep up with all of your learning so here are some activities I’d like you to do every day. 

Go on your computer on: 




You have a grammar, maths and reading booster book, use one of these books each day to: 

Work through a comprehension plus all of the questions. 

Complete grammar pages in order – just work through a page or two every day. 

In maths, try a section at a time eg 3D shape, addition, coordinates. 


If you’re struggling with your maths, there are some really useful videos on https://corbettmaths.com/contents/ which can help you.  


Try to brush up on your grammar by watching the clips on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMhWKrdwzFr994ZhwqG4nlA 


You also have some arithmetic tests to work through in your pack – remember that you only have 30 minutes to complete them.  


You’ve been given a blank exercise book – this is so you can produce a project on the Maya. Dr Davies’ website will be really helpful for this https://mayaarchaeologist.co.uk/pupils/. Try to also be creative – add drawings and maybe even make yourself a maya temple or some maya jewellery.  


For parents: 

There are lots of helpful activities and packs out there including https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/parents/age-specific-resources-parents/english-main-subjects-parents 

Here is a link to our Active Maths homework activities-which will be fun and educational https://www.teachactive.org/my-account/?code=5MPUC 

Remember that maths is also all around you – weighing and measuring within cooking ad baking is a prime example.  

Playing board games also has lots of maths involved.  

Games such as scrabble are also a really good way of expanding your child’s vocabulary – so is opening a page on a dictionary and finding unknown words.  


Every day, make sure you read some of your reading book and also other books at home.