Welcome to Year 6 at Holy Family.

This year, the staff in our year group are Mrs Young, Mrs Doherty, Ms Roper and Mrs Burke.

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Come and See

This term our first topic is Loving. Here we will:
Explore –the love and care of God’s people
Reveal – God’s love is unconditional and never ending
Respond- Pupils will acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the
Our second topic is Vocation and Commitment. Here we will:
Explore- Commitment in Life
Reveal- The vocation to the priesthood and religious life
Respond- Pupils will acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the
Our Final Topic is Expectations. Here we will:
Explore: Gifts, given and received, are a sign and expression of love.
Reveal: Giving and receiving reflects the truth that all life is given by God and life is given
meaning through the gift of Jesus
Respond – Pupils will acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the


In our English sessions we will be reading the novel, ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian.The book is set during World War 2 and explores life for an evacuee. From this we will be using Talk for Writing to develop both reading and writing skills. Children will explore diary and nonchronological report writing as well as short burst poetry and letter writes. Alongside this we will be developing grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.


In maths lessons, we will be investigating place value working with numbers up to 10 million, including decimal and negative numbers. We will then consolidate our understanding of all 4 operations so that the children can apply these skills in problem solving; knowing when to use formal written methods or informal jottings/mental strategies. As part of this, we will be teaching the strategy for long division. We will also be using basic skills lessons to secure our understanding of how to tackle a range of mathematical areas using the ‘Five a Day’ approach. We will also explore ratio and proportion and apply these skills in real life contexts.


World at War is our history and geography theme this term. Children will be researching the causes and effects of World War 2, what life was like in those times and the impact on our country and local area. They will also be locating the countries involved using mapping skills and analysing statistics about those countries.


Our first topic is ‘Light’; here we will be exploring how light travels, how we see things and why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them. Our second topic is ‘Electricity’; here we will be investigating and exploring the different parts of electrical circuits.


Designing a Battle Bot will be the focus of our computing sessions. Our design brief contains the requirement of ‘a robot who can help to save the world from hunger, disease or another global threat’. We will use programming and design skills to help us with this.


This term in art we will be exploring how to create collages using different mediums and techniques. In DT we will be investigating electrical systems looking specifically at monitoring and control.


Homework will be set twice per week as follows:

Monday – Spellings (paper copy and on spelling shed)- due in on Friday (test day.) Results will be sent home.
Friday –Maths (paper copy and complete ed shed activities)

Where homework is not completed, there will be an expectation that it is completed during breaktimes. It is important that we work together to ensure that homework is completed and returned. All homework will be linked to recent learning and children should be able to complete it independently. Should your child encounter difficulties, please make a comment on the homework and return it to school on the due date. Reading daily for at least 15 minutes is an expectation, regardless of the child’s reading ability. It is vital that the children are encouraged to do this in order to achieve the high expectations set for the end of Key Stage 2.

SATs dates

SATs will take place during the week commencing 10th May 2021. It is VITAL that your child is in school on these dates. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning or welfare, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 6 team. We look forward to working with both the children and their families this year..

Mrs Young, Mrs Doherty, Ms Roper, Mrs Burke