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Miss Lawne
Year 4 Teacher

Welcome to Year 4 at Holy Family with Miss Lawne, Miss McAndrew & Mr McKeen. 

We hope that during the year you will enjoy finding out about all the wonderful things we will be learning in our lessons. To keep up to date with what is happening inside our classroom follow us on twitter @HolyFamilyL8_4L

Come and See


The Church names the family the ‘Domestic Church’ where children may begin to understand the Church which is ‘nothing other than the family of God.’  This topic explores the truth that Jesus had a natural family with real people with names and a history. 

Other faiths: Judaism

Learning how to write in Hebrew with a quill. Making a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah card.  


This half term we weill be learning to identify and represent 3 digit and 4 digit numbers. We will compare and order 3 digit and 4 digit numbers as well as finding 1000 more and 1000 less than a number. We will explore negative numbers and learn Roman Numerals from 0 – 100. We will also add and subtract 4 digit numbers with exchanging. 


Our story this term is Gladiator Boy by David Grimstone. We will learn to write a tale of fear and a letter of complaint. We will learn how to check and edit our own work. We weill develop our use of adverbs and adjectives and add detail to our writing. We will also use fronted adverbials and write in paragraphs. 


To identify sources of electricity and electrical appliances. Carry out a fair test to determine if a material is a conductor or insulator of electricity. To use electrical equipment to make a simple series circuit. Children will use wires, bulbs, buzzers, cells, batteries and motors to make a buzzer game.  


To learn about the Romans and when their invasion on Britain. To understand the problems that Julius Caesar faced when attempting to invade Britain. The reasons why the Romans wanted to conquer other countries.  


In this term, we will focus on the skill of drawing while looking at the artist L.S. Lowry. To explore the concept of scaled drawings, add detail to facial features when drawing and to use shading to show light (shadows).  


Descriptions of hair and eyes 

Grand Monstre Vert  

Brothers and sisters  

Numbers 1 – 39 


This half term, Y4 will study the computing topic ‘We Built This City’. Children will be encouraged to create their own 3D world, using Blox 3D: World Creator.  


This term, Y4 will go swimming on Monday afternoons. It is important that they bring their swimming kit into school every Monday. We will also have another PE session on Monday afternoons, which will be athletics so children must come to school in their PE kit.