Science Intent 

At Holy Family Catholic Primary School, we teach science that stimulates our children’s curiosity and to have a deeper understanding of how science will affect their future on a personal, national and global level. Science is an ongoing process as our ideas about the world around us are constantly developed and revised and this is reflected in how our children are taught to explore, investigate and develop their own explanations.

We have developed these main principles for our learners:

  • Children will be enthused by practical engaging learning.
  • Children will be a scientist by working scientifically.
  • Children use and understand scientific vocabulary.
  • Children ask questions and show resilience in learning.
  • Children can apply skills taught in other subjects effectively.

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 and science topics are linked closely with other areas of the curriculum. Working scientifically skills are built upon and closely link to the previous year. See curriculum documents.

Key vocabulary is taught through science in each year group to deepen childrens understanding, enable them to use and understand key scientific words and revise previous topics to retain prior knowledge. See vocabulary documents.

In the Early Years of childrens learning experience at Holy Family we promote and encourage children to explore, investigate and talk about what could or has happened. Through the Early Years Foundation Stage children learn to Understand the World. This area promotes the skills of Science and these early experiences are builtupon as children  progress through the school. See Early Years Foundation Stage Understanding the World document.


We regularly have events, trips and themed days to deepen childrens understanding in science and give them more opportunities to aquire science skills in a range of ways. This year some that have already taken place include

* Year 2,4 and 6 each spent a week at KIND and were fully engaged in a range of hands on practical learning experiences linked to their programme of study. @KINDLiverpool

* Year 5 and 6 were visited by Holly Ellis @ScientistScouse and were inspired to follow a science career and become the next generation of scientist.

* Early Years have started learnign about taking care of their teeth from an early age. They brush their teeth daily in school as well as at home using the brush bus.

* Reception, Year 1 and 2 took part in an after school club learning about animals with some real items from an exhibition at Knowsley Safari Park.

* We took part in a whole school ebug project during anti biotic awareness week.

Look out for …

* In March we will be taking part in British Science Week and inviting parents and the community to see what we have been learning about in science and to take part in some practical investigations.

* In April EYFS will be hosting a ‘Mouse Club’ focussed on Undertanding the World.

* We have an exciting ‘Big Science Day’ planned for 13th March 2020

* We have a KS2 Stem club during the summer term.

* Year 5 will be holding a Space Camp in school in June.

* Y5 and 6 will be attending the ‘North West Big Bang Exhibition in July

Remeber to follow your class on twitter to find out regularly about our exciting science lessons and learning.



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