Miss McGhee
Reception teacher

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Welcome to Reception!

The staff in Reception are Miss McGhee and Miss Bradley.

RE  After completing our welcome topic we will be beginning a topic about Birthdays, leading up to the great celebration of the birth of Jesus. Children will talk about their own birthday experiences and  how they celebrate. We will then look at the Nativity story and roleplay the story in groups. We will think about how we can help others at Christmas time.  
English  Our talk for writing focus this half term will be ‘Wow said the Owl’. We will be role playing the story. We will use our actions and phrases in talk for writing to retell the story with our peers. We will look at some non fiction books about owls and find out about some other animals that are nocturnal. We will use the story to help develop our descriptive vocabulary and to use accurate adjectives to describe our own experiences. We will write poems about the colours from the story and make a list of things that make us say wow. Each day we will use Pobble to talk about what we see and extend vocabulary. 
Maths  We will sort colours and count objects that we have sorted. We will look  at symmetry when making some red butterflies. We will make patterns using green leaves and sticks outside. We will use quantities up to 5 to subitise and begin counting beyond 5 items. We will continue to sing the number rhymes we have learned in autumn 1. We will learn to recognise, count and order a number of the week each week.  
Understanding the world  We will explore our own outdoor area finding things that make us say wow. We will explore the different leaves we can find. We will use torches and prisms to make our own rainbows. We will explore a range of natural materials using our senses as we discover signs of autumn and winter.  
PE/Physical  In P.E we will be developing ball skills including throwing, catching, kicking, passing, batting and aiming. We will be using our outdoor area to build and balance. We will use our funky fingers and formation station to make the muscles in our fingers stronger and take part in activities to promote this in small groups. At lunchtimes we will be refining skills to eat with a knife and fork and taking care of our own personal needs including toileting and hand washing.  
PSHE  Each day we will continue to use our emotion faces to discuss our feelings. We will use our good to be green rules and restorative practice to help us to resolve problems. We will be wearing odd socks for ‘anti bullying week’ and talking about how people feel when others are unkind. We will continue to build on skills that are becoming well established such as turn taking, sharing and excellent behaviour.  
Expressive arts  We will be using lots of different forms to represent bonfires and fireworks. We will then also make representations of poppies in the paint and playdough. We will be using the instruments to make sounds like fireworks. We will make representations of the owl from the story and using the small world to represents the wood described in the book. Later in the term we will make Christmas cards, wreaths and advent calendars to take home.