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Miss McGhee
Reception teacher

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Welcome to Reception!

The staff in Reception are Miss McGhee and Miss Bradley.


This half term we will be learning about celebrations. We will talk about the celebrations we have already learned about including Birthdays, Eid, Hannukah and Christmas. We will invite our nursery friends to a celebration in our class and talk about how it feels to celebrate something special. We will share photographs of the celebrations we have had with our families.


Our talk for writing focus book focus will be ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We will look at the vocabulary in the story before reading it, making a story map, deciding actions and  role playing the story. We will then be able to confidently retell the story and begin to change parts of the story to make a new story. We will be using non fiction books alongside this topic to find out about bears. We will learn about where they come from, what they eat and the different types of bears in the world. We will use our senses to explore scenes from the story and develop our language to talk about what we can , see, her, feel, smell and taste. We will also link in rhymes about bears such as ‘ I know a teddy bear’ and ‘10 in the bed’. In phonics we will continue to learn new phonemes and develop our blending skills through reading everyday at home and in school. We will role play the story and also continue to roleplay the role of post people in our class post office. We will be using our formation station to practice the sounds we are learning in our read write inc groups. We will bring new sounds, words or sentences home to share our learning with parents.


In maths we are very good at counting objects, actions and sounds to 10. We will extend this by counting beyond 10 up to 20. We will also become more secure with concepts within numbers for ten learning the number bonds to make 10 and using addition and subtraction methods and vocabulary. We will continue to explore shapes and move onto 3d shapes, names and descriptions. We will compare amounts, weights, sizes and quantities through practical exploration and problem solving activities.

Knowledge and understanding the world

We will be talking about our families and events that have happened in the past. We will learn about similarities and differences when we look at the countries different bears are from and will recognise that everyone is unique. We will continue to use our outdoor environment to explore the world by planting seeds and helping them to grow. We will use non fiction books to find out about the features of bears and how they grow. We will continue our observation over time as we encourage the children to look for the signs of spring outside.


This half term our hall time PE sessions will be on a Monday. Children will need to wear their PE kit for school on their PE Day. We will play warm up and cool down games and think about how we feel after lots of exercise. We will be using the outdoor area to ride bikes, climb and develop our balance and co ordination skills through games and activities. We will have ‘Funky Fingers’ task each week to make our fingers strong and improve our fine motor skills for writing.


This term we will be focussing on being able to discuss our feelings. We will talk about how we feel each day and begin to think about how others may feel in stories through role play. As our tasks become increasingly difficult we will aim to show resilience and persistence in our challenges. In our PSHE lessons we will be ‘going for goals’ and giving ourselves targets to achieve.

Expressive arts

We will be using our role play post office to post thank you letters to Santa and send others our news. We will develop our music skills by watching and talking about performances as well as making up our own on our ‘X factor’ stage. We will use the talk for writing book to role play going on a bear hunt and make the different scenes, exploring how we can get different textures etc.