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Miss Fallon
Reception teacher

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Welcome to Reception!

The staff in Reception are Miss Falon and Miss Simms.


PE will be on a Friday. Children will need to come to school wearing their PE clothes on this day.


The children will receive homework throughout the week. This will begin with sounds they are learning, handwriting and mouse club activities initially. Later this will include reading ditties and short sentences, reading books and topic based homework. When your child receives a reading book please spend 5 minutes each night reading with them, if you need support in the best way to help your child with reading or learning speak to a member of staff.

‘Dear Zoo’

This half term we will be using ‘Talk for Writing’ to learn the story ‘Dear Zoo’. We will learn about different wild and friendly animals, where they live in the world and describe what they look like. We will role play the story and complete craft challenges, making the patterns and textures of different animals. We will innovate our own class story. Our role play area will be an ice cream shop and we will write menus and orders as we role play. 

In our phonics sessions, we will continue to learn and review set 2 sounds and develop our reading fluency. We will be writing sentences about the story and will innovate our own letter using our phonic knowledge, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

In maths we will be consolidating our number bonds to 5 and 10 using addition and subtraction number sentences. 

In come and see we will be learning about friendship. We will talk about who our friends are and what makes a good friend. We will also be learning about our world and finding ways that we can help to take care of our beautiful world. 

Children will consider the ways they have changed since starting at the nursery setting or Reception, and in particular how their social, emotional and behavioural skills have developed. Activities offer the opportunity for children to make the link between feelings and behaviour and to predict how unexpected changes might make them feel, as well as developing some basic strategies for self- management. They will have learned that some things stay the same in the face of change, and that uncomfortable feelings don’t last forever. They will have opportunities to develop empathy and support others. They will have had an opportunity to make change happen in the classroom or outdoor learning environment.