Miss McGhee
Reception teacher

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Welcome to Reception!

The staff in Reception are Miss McGhee and Miss Bradley.

Times of the day

The EYFS door will be open at 8:45am and will close promptly at 8:55am ready for the school day to start. The children finish school at 3:15pm.

It is important that your child is in school on time and your child is collected on time at the end of the day as children often become distressed if they are collected late. If you are running late, please contact the school office by phoning 01517093672.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is FREE for all children. It starts at 8am each morning. Reception children who attend breakfast club will be taken to their class at 8.45am.



If your child is ill, please inform us by phoning the school office on 0151 7093672. Please ensure that school has your up to date contact details in case your child is ill during school.



Our children enjoy continuous snack each day. We ask for a contribution of £1 per child per week to make sure this can continue. Snack money needs to be paid in cash please on a Monday morning. Please give to a member of Early Years Staff.



Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled, including coats and shoes. It is very difficult to identify lost items of clothing if they are not labelled.

Our P.E day is a Friday. Children will need to bring black shorts and a plain white t shirt to get changed into in school as well as black pumps.

We spend lots of our day learning outdoors. Children will need to be well dressed for all weathers. Please make sure they have hats and suncream on potentially warm days and waterproof coats on other days. Leaving a pair of old wellies in school for children to change into would also be a great help.



Children are not allowed to bring their own toys to Reception as this can cause upset. However, we love to see things that the children have made at home or have found whilst out and about. These items can be bought into school to share with the rest of the class.



In the EYFS Unit we love to inspire creativity and our modelling area is always a popular area. If you have any recycling materials at home, please pop them into the large box under the shelter.

If you have any concerns or worries, please speak to one of us when you drop your child off in the morning or collect them in the afternoon.

Below is a little insight in to what we will be covering this half term

REAfter completing our ‘Gathering’ topic we will be learning about growing. We will be making lent promises to help us to grow to be more like Jesus. We will celebrate shrove Tuesday by making pancakes and eating them for our snack. We will be looking at how we have grown in our lives so far and how the things around us grow.
EnglishOur talk for writing focus this half term will be ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We will be role playing the story in our home corner. We will be using the language of size moving on from small medium and large to other size words. We will be roleplaying the characters in the small world house and labelling objects from the story. We will use our actions and phrases in talk for writing to retell the story with our peers. We will be singing songs and learning rhymes that link in with the story such as ‘I know a teddy bear’ and the ‘Goldilocks rhyme’. We will be writing about the characters from the story and starting to write our own sentences about the story.
MathsWe will be using the language of size to order different objects from the story. We will be using positional language for where Goldilocks could hide in the house. We will move on from one more and play games to become more confident with one less and subtraction. We will use our reasoning skills to make different sized and other objects chairs that fit the characters from the story. We will practice recognising, counting and ordering numbers to 20 as well as using them to combine amounts and add by counting on.
Knowledge and understanding the worldLinking to our growing topic we will be looking at the plants as they grown in our outdoor area, we will observe the changes in the flowers as they are picked, put into water and eventually die. We will use our ICT skills to access programmes including maths and phonics. We will look at how we have grown from babies to children and notice the similarities and differences during these stages. In March we will be taking part in ‘A Big Science Day’. Through dance, drama and role play we will learn about the wider issues across the world involving the environment. We will welcome our parents in to share in a Mouse Club stay and play session focussed on Understanding the World.
PE/Physical In our outdoor play we will be using the equipment to balance and travel around, we will be making dens and other representations using the sticks and large blocks. We will be using our funky fingers to build the muscles in our hands and help us to write with ease. We will continue to learn lots of new skills and games during our PE lessons.
PSHEThis half term we will be learning about why ‘Its good to be me’. Children will be encouraged to find their skills and show them to others. Children will work together in partners and small groups. This will link to our growing theme as children develop targets for themselves and learn to do something new from one of their peers.
Expressive arts We will be observing and then drawing and painting different flowers. We will learn about famous paintings of flowers that have been painted by artists including sunflowers by Van Gogh. We will be role playing the story of Goldilocks and the three bears in many different ways. We will be making lots of Easter crafts towards the end of this half term including our own patterned eggs.


What we will be learning this year:



This half term we will be learning about ourselves as and our class as we meet and welcome new friends. We will recognise and write our names and identify things in our classroom as ours. We will look at photographs of ourselves and use mirrors to make different representations of ourselves including snack faces, painted faces and mini me sticks. We will discuss the different religions we have within our class and how we can value religions other than our own.


Our talk for writing focus book focus will be ‘Nursery rhymes’. We will learn a bank of nursery rhymes and use this to reinforce the phase one phonics rhyming skills. We will match items that rhyme together using our rhyming basket. We will also be reading stories about starting school, ourselves, our families and our feelings. There will be a big focus this half term in building the children’s confidence and ability to communicate. Children will be encouraged to listen and respond to rhymes and stories as well as making comments and asking questions. We will be spending time in our home corner role playing, encouraging the children to find out about each other and recognise similarities and differences within their houses, family and traditions. Children will be encouraged to read regularly with adults and to look at books independently. We will model how to use books, turning the pages and hold the correct way around. Children will identify the text and talk about the pictures. As they become more confident we will encourage children to use a ‘Reading buddy’ to read their stories to. We will be using our formation station to practice the sounds we are learning in our read write inc groups. Each time we learn a new sound will bring it home to practice.


In our number groups we will be learning to say numbers in order, count amounts and solve problems with numbers up to five (beyond for those who are more able). We will be using Numicon to be confident and familiar with numbers. We will be learning the days of the week and other time related words. We will closely link our nursery rhymes theme with number rhymes including 5 little ducks, 5 current buns, 5 speckled frogs and 5 little men. We will be doing lots of baking and using non standard measuring for this as well as identifying basic shapes. We will also learn our ‘Number of the Week’ which will change each week. Children will be challenged at the end of the week to find the number in their home environment.

Knowledge & Understanding the world

We will be talking about how we are unique and the special events in our families including birthdays, new babies and our home and families. We will spend a lot of time this term getting to know the children really well and talking about things they like and dislike. We will talk about and make their favourite foods and snacks and find out about what really engages them during their play, this will be used to encourage their learning and next steps in development. As we explore the story ‘A child’s garden’, we will look at our garden and how things grow. We will be planting our winter plants and herb garden and watching them grow over the year. We will also have an investigation station focus each week encouraging our children to explore and ask questions. Each week children will explore different computer programmes and apps to develop skills alongside a topic.


This half term our hall time PE sessions will be on a Tuesday. Children will need to wear their PE kit for school on their PE Day. In these sessions children will be split into groups to take part in activities including racing, ball control, moving in different ways and balancing. We will play warm up and cool down games and think about how we feel after lots of exercise. We will be using the outdoor area to ride bikes, climb and develop our balance and co-ordination skills through games and activities. We will have ‘Funky Fingers’ task each week to make our fingers strong and improve our fine motor skills for writing. We will be focussing on children being independent in zipping coats, putting shoes or wellies on, toileting, washing hands and using cutlery and hope this will be reinforced at home.


This term lots of time will be spent building confidence and children becoming more independent to explore and develop within the unit. They will be encouraged to do things for themselves and help themselves to resources and equipment and use it effectively. We will be modelling how to deal with fall outs and how to resolve problems to make sure children can build strong friendships with their peers. We use social stories and restorative practice to ensure children develop empathy and understanding of others. Children will be encouraged to think about how they are unique and the talents they have and be confident to share those with others.

Expressive arts

We will be exploring lots of art this half term. We will begin by decorating our picture frames and making paintings of ourselves to decorate our new classroom. We will represent the characters from nursery rhymes in different ways and use drama to represent the characters or our feelings towards them. We will role-play the rhymes using masks and small world characters. We will also be baking and making some nursery rhyme themed snacks including ‘humpty dumpty with soldiers’ and our own current buns.

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