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Miss Fallon
Nursery Teacher

Welcome to Nursery

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We are excited to welcome our Nursery class of 2019 – 2020. We have lots of fun in our Nursery and learn so much in this very special first year at Holy Family Catholic Primary School. Here is some information that you may find useful.


The staff in Nursery are Miss Fallon and Miss Simms. Please talk to any of the Nursery Team if you need to share any information or have any concerns.


After completing our ‘Gathering’ topic we will be learning about growing. We will be making lent promises to help us to grow to be more like Jesus. We will celebrate talk about lent and the things we are going to do extra to be more like Jesus. We will be looking at how we have grown in our lives so far and how the things around us grow.


This half term we will be learning about why ‘It’s good to be me’. Children will be encouraged to find their skills and show them to others. Children will work together in partners and small groups. This will link to our growing theme as children develop targets for themselves and learn to do something new from one of their peers.

Knowledge and understanding the world

Linking to our growing topic we will be looking at the plants as they grown in our outdoor area, we will observe the changes in the flowers as they are picked, put into water and eventually die. We will use our ICT skills to access programmes including maths and phonics. We will look at how we have grown from babies to children and notice the similarities and differences during these stages. We will explore some science activities during science week exploring different properties of materials and answering questions such as does it float? Is it magnetic? Can it be squashed? We will grow some caterpillars into butterflies and talk about the changes observed.


We will be using the story to count to 5 and match the amount to the numeral. We will begin to compare quantities of ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’ using the fruit to support. We will use songs to make sure we know the days of the week in order and use time words to talk about different days and times. We will practice recognising, counting and ordering numbers to 5 and 10. We will continue to explore 2D and 3D shapes using mathematical language to describe.


Our talk for writing focus this half term will be ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We will be role playing the story in our home corner and with stick puppets. We will use our actions and phrases in talk for writing to retell the story with our peers. We will be singing songs and learning rhymes that link in with the story such as ‘A Tiny Caterpillar on a Leaf’. We will be encouraging the children to talk in full sentences and use new vocabulary. Each day we will discuss a different Pobble picture and say a sentence that matches the picture. We will read a range of story books and some non-fiction books about caterpillars and life cycles of things that grow.



In our outdoor play we will be using the equipment to balance and travel around, we will be making dens and other representations using the sticks and large blocks. We will be using our funky fingers to build the muscles in our hands and help us to mark make. We will continue to learn lots of new skills and games during our PE lessons.

Expressive arts

We will be observing and then drawing and painting different flowers. We will learn about famous paintings of flowers that have been painted by artists including sunflowers by Van Gogh. We will be role playing the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in many different ways. We will be making lots of Easter crafts towards the end of this half term including our own patterned eggs.