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Miss Fallon
Nursery Teacher

Welcome to Nursery

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We are excited to welcome our Nursery class of 2020 – 2021. We have lots of fun in our Nursery and learn so much in this very special first year at Holy Family Catholic Primary School. Here is some information that you may find useful.


The staff in Nursery are Miss Fallon and Miss Simms. Please talk to any of the Nursery Team if you need to share any information or have any concerns.


We will continue the topic of ‘Friends’ and talk about our closest friends, our group of friends and how to be a good friend. We will show new children how to be good friends including learning to share and be kind to each other. We will also explore the topic of ‘Our World’ and learn about our world and what it means to us. We will think about how we can look after, preserve and improve our world in a range of ways.  


This half term we will continue with our ‘Restorative Practice’ approach and use disagreements between the children to model and encourage positive problem solving and sharing. We will be talking about the stories we read and moral dilemmas the characters find themselves in whilst asking how should we solve this problemWe will be preparing for the changes that moving year groups will bring and completing transition activities to ensure children feel happy and confident to begin their next year of schooling.  

Knowledge and understanding the world

We will be focusing on our geographical skills by following and plotting maps. We will use the world map and globe to find where we are and identify places that we may find pirates. We will use non-fiction books to discover the history of pirates and to answer questions such as ‘Why does a pirate wear a patch? We will be using our scientific exploration skills to explore different materials and why they may be suitable to make a pirate ship. 


We will be working on consolidating our knowledge of numbers to five and solve real world problems with numbers up to 5. We will be using coins and pirate treasure to do this. We will also begin to write numerals to represent the number of coins. 


We will be focusing on our talk for writing book ‘The Treasure of Pirate Frank’. We will learn new vocabulary from the story and all about the characters. We will explore the topic of ‘Pirates at Sea’ alongside this book and learn about pirate ships and pirates. We will use our language to role play the story and related stories. We will also role play pirate school using an indoor and outdoor pirate ship. We will make wanted posters for pirates and begin to describe our pirate.  


Funky Fingers this half term will really encourage children to use their nippy fingers to pick up and manoeuvre a range of small and tricky equipment. We will post coins in treasure chests, use tweezers to rescue the hidden treasure and make our own treasure necklaces. This will strengthen our fine motor to continue to support name writing for the children.  

We will continue to develop our movement, co-ordination and balance in our outdoor area where we encourage resilienceWe will also be practising our ball skills including throwing and catching.  

Expressive arts

We will be exploring media by making a range of resources and props to support role play including pirate hats, masks, telescopes, patches, treasure maps, treasure chests, cutlass, and hooks. We will design and make our own pirate ship, test it out and improve it. We will be using the large and small blocks to make a pirate ship, and to ‘walk the plank’ in a range of ways.