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Miss Fallon
Nursery Teacher

Welcome to Nursery

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We are excited to welcome our Nursery class of 2020 – 2021. We have lots of fun in our Nursery and learn so much in this very special first year at Holy Family Catholic Primary School. Here is some information that you may find useful.


The staff in Nursery are Miss Fallon and Miss Simms. Please talk to any of the Nursery Team if you need to share any information or have any concerns.


We will begin the topic of ‘Good News’ giving children the opportunity to find out about others and share their own good news. We will talk about how we celebrated Easter and how the signs of new life are continuing to grow around us. We will learn about the Holy Spirit by exploring wind using windmills and streamers outside. We will use wind and water to explore bubbles and use them to represent the Holy Spirit. We will thank God for the good news we receive and share.


We will be taking responsibility for our eggs as they grow into chicks. We will be taking care of them and sharing the role of looking after them as they grow. We will read stories such as ‘a duck so small’ and ‘Ruby flew too’ and discuss how everyone has different abilities but that we are all special and good at something. We will continue to use restorative practice to solve disputes and find solutions to fall outs. We will follow the ‘relationships’ programme for our ‘Get Set for Life’ lessons and will be using ‘A Journey in Love’ to support this.  

Knowledge and understanding the world

Linking to our growing topic we will be looking at the plants as they grow in our outdoor area, we will observe the changes in the flowers as they are picked, put in to water and eventually die. We will use our ICT skills to access programmes to further extend our maths and phonics. We have a very exciting observation over time as we will be watching our very own eggs hatch into chicks and become hens. We will use books and the internet to find out facts about how we can look after them at each stage.


This half term we will continue to secure our number skills to 5 and beyond. We will apply this knowledge within play and focus on recognising numerals. We will be encouraged to problem solve in a range of ways through continuous provision. We will be using a variety of objects and resources to make ten in different ways. We will continue to embed our knowledge of shapes, space and measure through a range of activities indoors and out. We will encourage children to look for patterns in their environment and to continue to use positional language. We will use songs to make sure we know the days of the week in order and use time words to talk about different days and times.


Our focus for talk for writing this half term will be ‘The Little Red Hen’. We will be role playing the story in our home corner and with stick puppets. We will use our actions and phrases in talk for writing to retell the story with our peers. Each day we will look at a different Pobble picture and each think of a sentence about the picture to introduce more vocabulary. We will continue to incorporate phase 1 phonics into our day and will focus on blending. We will read a range of story books and non-fiction books as we learn more about the lifecycle of a hen by watching our baby chicks grow.



In our outdoor play we will be using the equipment to balance and travel around, we will be making dens and other representations using the sticks and large blocks. We will be using our funky fingers to build the muscles in our hands and help us with a comfortable pencil grip. Our P.E focus will be on running, jumping and throwing with a range of resources.

Expressive arts

We will learn about famous paintings of flowers that have been painted by artists including Sunflowers by Van Gogh. We will be role playing the story of The Little Red Hen and playing in our own bakery shop. In our music lessons we will be learning to express emotion using instruments. We will also use instruments to make different animal sounds to accompany the song Old Macdonald.