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Our Intent For History

At Holy Family, we aim to give our children the tools to become great historians by:

  • Instilling in them a curiosity and understanding of events, places and people in a variety of times and environments.
  • Developing an interest in the past and an appreciation of human achievements and aspirations.
  • Understanding the values of our society.
  • Learning about the major issues and events in the history of our own country and of the world and how these events may have influenced one another.
  • Developing a knowledge of chronology within which the children can organise their understanding of the past.
  • Understanding how the past was different from the present and that people of other times and places may have had different values and attitudes from ours.
  • Understanding the nature of evidence by emphasising the process of enquiry and by developing the range of skills required to interpret primary and secondary source materials.
  • Distinguishing between historical facts and the interpretation of those facts.