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Here at Holy Family, we teach the curriculum in a meaningful and
engaging way. We strive to maximise the use of our local area, the
thriving city of Liverpool to enrich the curriculum. Our children will
explore their own locality; each year group has a focus in the summer
term based on this. They also study the United Kingdom and its capital
cities, identify seasonal weather patterns and look at hot and cold areas of
the globe all before they end Key Stage 1.

As they move on, children will extend their knowledge to a wider area of
the globe and develop an enquiry led investigation into their topic. They
will look at human and physical features of our planet including weather
patterns and natural disasters. They will explore the impact of time zones,
understand the significance of latitude and longitude as well as being able
to locate different countries and their borders. Children will study physical
changes in and on the Earth as well as economic activity (including the
distribution of food, energy and water.) Children will explore the world
through more abstract maps and coordinates and research the
impact/need for responsible tourism around the world.