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Design Technology

Our Intent for Design and Technology

We teach Design and Technology in a meaningful and engaging way, to ensure that children build knowledge and vital skills to develop their creativity and individuality. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to design, create, experience and evaluate as part of a cultural and creative curriculum.

We deeply believe in the importance of developing resilient individuals, who react positively to risk taking. Holy Family Catholic Primary School follows a systematic teaching approach for the teaching of Design and Technology, which provides children with opportunities to problem solve when creating their own designs. These vital skills are challenged to prepare children for their education and lives beyond Primary School, regardless of their starting point.

Trips are planned within our local area to enrich our Design and Technology curriculum and to bring learning to life. A display has been designed to celebrate learning across all year groups and to promote subject specific vocabulary. Our Design and Technology curriculum is strengthened by a wide range of texts to support the communication needs of the pupils in our school.